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MidCamp2017 (drupalorg_sprint)
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Migrate January 2017 Sprint (drupalorg_sprint)
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Migration system (drupalorg_core)
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Multipage jumplist (drupalorg_module)
Nashville2018 (drupalorg_sprint)
Navbar Awesome (drupalorg_module)
Nexx Integration (drupalorg_module)
Node.js integration (drupalorg_module)
Novice (drupalorg_sprint)
Odoo / OpenERP Proxy API (drupalorg_module)
Open Atrium (drupalorg_distribution)

Welcome to Contrib Kanban!

This is a huge work in progress created by Matt Glaman

The goal is to provide the community with a simpler way to sprint on projects.

Currently the following projects are utilizing this service to lead development!

Is your project using ContribKanban for sprints? I'd love to hear about it.

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